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When deciding on a company to develop your custom architectural signage, it is vital that you keep in mind a few important factors like precision, customer service and the quality of work that they can produce. Dimensional Silk Screen is a highly rated company that can meet these factors as we produce the best quality work that will showcase your company’s vision.

Some of the different types of architectural signage we can manufacture are used in hotel/hospitality buildings, healthcare facilities, restaurants, corporate business parks, campuses and sports locations. If you can think of it, we can make it for you. We will now discuss the different categories of the products below:

Interior Architectural Signage

These types of signs are a great way to display wayfinding or directional ADA compliant information that will help people find areas inside of a building. They are legible and can be easy to follow so that you are able to get to your destination without any problems. Some of the different interior architectural signage we can manufacture for you are:

  • Evac maps, plaques and displays
  • Wayfinding architectural “you are here” signs
  • Brand architectural wall murals and graphics
  • Parking structures and property map signs
  • Elevator signage and wraps

Exterior Architectural Signage

These types of signs are used in outdoor places or buildings that need to display information or directions that can guide people to where they need to be. They are weather resistant, aesthetically appealing and extremely durable. Some of the different exterior architectural signage we can manufacture for you are:

  • Outdoor pylons
  • Exterior wayfinding architectural signs
  • Building outdoor signs
  • Reflective city state and transit signs

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