5 Hospitality Designers that are World Renown

Even in the modern age, hotels are still one of the oldest symbols of luxury which have continually survived and maintained their presences. Hotels are used for accommodation relating to business events, weekend getaways and just escaping the grind. It is vital to use a top rated hospitality signage design company in your hotel designs and architecture. We want to show you a few of the top luxury designers known today, who use the best graphics and materials in their designs.

Tihany Design
Widely regarded as one of the most preeminent designers in the restaurant profession, Adam Tihany is well respected and recognized throughout the world. With studios in Italy and New York, he has been able to design major projects from the Four Seasons in Dubai, to the Mandarin Hotel in Las Vegas. If top rated graphic quality is needed and money isn’t an object, this designer is for you.

United Designers
An award winning consultancy based in London, they are responsible for some amazing restaurant and hotel interior look and feels. United designers have had a hand in the development of all hospitality graphics work of many major hotel chains graphics like the W Hotel and the Marriot Grosvenor Square.

Key Wearstler
A top rated design studio focused on luxury graphic design techniques who work with distinguished clientele like the Viceroy and The Tides. They create exciting and individual styles which are eye catching and defined.

Hirsch Bedner
This company has set new standards for luxury and innovation with their graphics and spectacular designs. They have created signature looks on walls and murals with some of the major luxury brands like The Waldorf and The Beverly Hills Hotels. They have major international presence and influence many design standards in their work.
Pierre Yves Rochon

Their founder has extensive experience within the hospitality sector and has a huge array of graphic design services. Some of these are conceptual, schematic as well as sophisticated. You will see their graphics in places such as The Four Seasons, The Ritz Carlton and many others.
There is just nothing like seeing new and extraordinary techniques used in modern graphic design. If you are walking through a luxury hotel chain one day, take a moment to observe some of the digital graphics on the walls and entrances. Maybe some of these were done by the world renown people listed above.