ADA Signage

Signage is most effective when it caters to the mass audience, hence why ADA Signage is crucial. Businesses are required to be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities act since people with disabilities are part of the mass audience, thus letting your brand reach a larger amount of people.

If you want to have signage in public spaces, ADA compliant signs will help people with disabilities see the signage of your brand. For instance, signage that caters to people who have visual disabilities will benefit from signage that has braille. People with hearing disabilities will be able to find and easily read signage if it is represented well visually.

In addition to catering to people with disabilities, ADA compliant signs help ensure the safety of mass audiences. For instance, putting clear signs of where the entrance and exits of a store are necessary to have if you want to follow the law. Other examples of safety signs that a store would have are handicap parking signs, fire exits, restrooms, etc.

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You should also be aware that the signage has to follow certain rules. For instance, just because the signage has braille does not mean it would pass the Americans with Disabilities Act – it has to be at a certain height, follow the guidelines on where it would be placed on the sign, have the fonts approved, and such. Not only will this help those who have disabilities, but it will help easily aid customers and clients who know their way around an establishment without struggling and asking for assistance.

As a brand or business owner, dealing with the amounts of required signage can be a struggle. Thankfully, you can find great businesses that help you make signage that will cater to the Americans with Disabilities Act. This way, you will not have to worry about making your own signage.