Acrylic Signs

Acrylic signs and lettering are an excellent way to display your business signage as it comes in wide variety sizes, colors and finishes which can include illumination for night lighting.  Acrylic signs can be used both indoors and outdoors as the text and images are digitally printed onto the rear of the material making them a cost effective and durable way to create a modern look and feel to your signage needs.

Acrylic signs are made from plastic that is heated and can be molded into various shapes and forms giving you countless options to customize your signage.  Images and text are printed digitally onto the acrylic. Printing can be done onto the front of the sign or for transparent acrylic your design can be printed on the reverse of the sign with the acrylic on top making your design resistant to scratches.

Its versatility to be used in many environments from building identification, store fronts, help desks, reception areas or internal displays makes it one of the most common signage used for shop fronts and internal office and store displays.  It is also an excellent alternative to glass displays that are a known safety issue due to its weight and fragility.

 Styles of Acrylic Letters, Signs and Logos

Acrylic signs are available in a large variety of colors, shapes and sizes and are easily customized to fit your needs.

Acrylic logos are made in a number of sizes and thickness and can either flat cut, built up or 3D.  The 3D acrylic letters are recommended if you want your logo or message to stand out and be seen!

Acrylic wall art is an excellent option for a creative logo or wall image by using custom shapes and pieces that are mounted together to create a show stopping focal point on your wall space.

Reverse Print Acrylic displays your message behind a sheet of acrylic.  This type of print is best used if prefer a bright and vivid print and display.

Acrylic signage will add that professional touch to your space by featuring your logo, mission statement or corporate pictures.

Our acrylic logos are easily fitted onto any wall or surface.  We recommend flush fixing for a non-raised finish or fitting your sign with raised wall brackets if you prefer your logo is raised off the wall to create a 3D raised effect.  Our team of designers can help you with the artwork for your acrylic signs and our installers are on hand to help with installation.

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