Tips on Hiring an ADA Signage Company

If your business requires you to be compliant with the ADA act, then you need an expert company like Dimensional Silk Screen to fulfill these needs. We ensure that all work is compliant and up to date with the ADA act.

When you are searching for a company that provides these products, we would like to discuss a few helpful tips which you should consider during the hiring process.

Expertise Needed. Make sure that the company that you are looking to hire has the necessary qualifications and compliance standards for developing ADA signage. You could also ask for physical examples of their previous work. Perhaps they could also show you a project example plan and see how long they take to discuss technical aspects of what they can do for you.

Knowing What Fonts to Use. There are specific fonts which must be used when developing ADA signage products, and without them the company could be breaking the compliance laws.

General fonts that meet the guidelines for ADA Signage are:

• Franklin Gothic.
• Trebuchet.
• Future.
• Verdana.
• Helvetica.
• Eras.
• Optima.

Must Pass the ADA Signage Compliance Rules. There are a few important rules which every company must abide to in order to produce approved ADA Signage. Without them you could run the risk of not meeting compliance rules. We will now discuss a few top rules associated with these signs.

Colors need to be very clear and the characters need to be in contrast. Often the best way to achieve this is to have an opposite color background.

Location of the signs is vital as they must be placed in the correct spots like for instance, for a single door they need to be next to the latch. If you tell us where you are looking to have them placed, we can tell you exactly where they need to go.

If the signs are above, they must be 80 inches above the ground. If they are placed on a wall, then they must be 27 total inches from the floor.

These are just some of the important tips you need to keep in mind when hiring an ADA Signage company.

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