Top 5 Things You Should Know About Logos

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What Is In A Logo Design?

We have done a ton of experimenting with logos and every now then we come across a logo that does way more than just sit on a medium we create. What we are talking about is how a simple a design can promote your company identity, values and objectives and meaning.

There are normally three types of logos and they are:
  • Abstract Logos – logos that convey moods or tones
  • Literal Logos – these are logos that show the company as it is
  • Logo Types – mainly typography is used to manipulate fonts

Now that you know what types of designs are available, you need to consider fonts and imagery. The better your graphic design company is, the better the design of the logo will be using fonts and imagery.

What Are Bad Logos?

If you consider the basic elements of logo creation, ask yourself what makes a good logo? Most graphics designers cannot answer that question and this is where the issue of a bad logo begins. Bad logos are not distinctive, unique or eye catching at all. They also normally do not mean anything or not represent anything either. Colors schemes used in them are flat and fonts are hard to read. Don’t make these mistakes!

Booby Traps That Must Be Avoided

Sometimes even the biggest companies are not able to achieve solid logo designs. With this, here is a list of booby traps to stay far away from with your logo design.

    • Fonts – avoid using too many different fonts
    • Message – do not be overly literal or miss the point
    • Appeal – do not have a dull un-appealing graphic
What Are Good Logos?

Simple logos are generally the best, as they allow for recognition, versatility and uniqueness. Good logo’s translate your message and presence into a visual picture, which make people remember who you are. See our decals that we have created for our clients.

2017 Logo Trends

One of the largest websites created for logo uploads is called LogoLounge. For less than $10 per month you are able to access thousands of logos created by designers across the world!

Cartoon Style Logos

Literally hand drawn logos, these are becoming very popular and recognized throughout the world. Their sleek designs and cuteness have made them very popular. Some major companies like Pixar even use them.

Minimalism Style Logos

Very popular and trendy are minimalism styled logos, like ones used with Taylor Made and Apple. These are a very smart way to design as they are clean, elegant and effective.

Overlapping Tones Logos

Overlapping gradients used with different geometric forms has also resulted in its own style. In the past, overlapping styles were used with animal logos, however many leading companies use them like Master Card.

What Does This Mean to Me?

Designing logos are a tricky, time consuming job. This does not mean that you shouldn’t follow a solid process and think of it before doing it. If you sit down, gather your thoughts and come up with a great logo design, it will make everything seem worthwhile in the end.
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